Day Trips

If you’re short on time, have some time to fill or simply want to “have a go” then we have a range of day trip options for you that might span a few hours to a full day. There really is something for everyone here with options departing from Queenstown, Clyde, Chatto Creek and Omakau!

Departing Omakau 

Poolburn Viaduct

Poolburn Gorge Classic

A great out and back ride for all ages. Ride from Omakau to the Poolburn Viaduct and tunnels for a picnic and then return. If you’re feeling fit when you return then add on a loop ride through the historic gold mining town of Ophir. In the Summer, at the end of your ride in Omakau, go swimming in the Manuherikia river.

Distance: 26 km

Duration: allow 3 to 4 hours

Cost: $55 / adult bike and $35 / childs bike

Departure: From shebikeshebikes Omakau – Monday to Friday, anytime between 8:30 am and 5 pm. Saturday 8:30am to 12 (afternoons by arrangement) – Sunday 8:30am to 5pm. Bookings essential

Golden Progress Express

We’ll transport you from Omakau through to Oturehua where you can explore the Golden Progress Mine site, Gilchrists Store, the Oturehua Hotel, Historic Hayes Engineering (note that that Hayes charge an entrance fee of $12 / adult) or the Hayes Engineering cafe. Then set off towards the Poolburn Gorge with its viaduct and tunnels and on to Omakau. Cap it off with a tiki-tour through the gold mining town of Ophir when you return. In the Summer, go swimming in the Manuherikia river

Distance: 30 km

Duration: allow 4 to 6 hours

Cost: $85 / adult and $45 / child

Summer 2022/23 special: $65 / adult and $40 / child – includes hire bike AND transport

Departure: From shebikeshebikes Omakau – 9:30am. Bookings are essential  – minimum of two adults or 1 adult and 2 children

Departing Clyde

Lake Dunstan Magic

This spectacular trail is set to become an iconic cycling day trip that extends the already fabulous cycle trail options in Central Otago. Joining Cromwell with Clyde, the trail provides ever changing vistas, trail novelty and cycling challenge. With starting points at the Cromwell Heritage Precinct, Bannockburn Bridge and Pigeon Rock, you can vary the number of kilometers you’ll ride to fit your fitness and saddle time requirements. The vistas and flowing nature of this trail really will take your breath away.


  • Smiths Way – 55 km
  • Cromwell Heritage Precinct – 42 km (MOST POPULAR)
  • Bannockburn Bridge – 33 km

Duration: 3hrs +


Transport to Cromwell Heritage Precinct from Clyde

  • $150 / adult for E-Bike and transport
  • $120 / child for child E-Bike (130cm to 150cm child height) and transport
  • $95 / adult for MTB and transport

Departure: Meet at shebikeshebikes Clyde at 9:00 am for bike fit and briefing. Bookings essential  – minimum of two

Roxburgh Gorge

Gorge Yourself

Treat yourself to an extraordinary day of contrasts as you ride the Roxburgh Gorge trail beside the mighty Clutha River / Mata-Au. Starting in Clyde, ride the 150th Anniversary Track (River Track) to Alexandra and then onto the Roxburgh Gorge trail. Connect with your boat transfer at 12:30pm from Doctors Point to Shingle Creek before completing the second half of the Roxburgh Gorge Trail. Sit back and enjoy some refreshments at Lake Roxburgh Lodge before we collect you at 3:30pm and transport you back to Clyde.

Distance: 35km

Duration: Full day


  • $250 / adult on regular bike
  • $330 / adult on E-Bike (includes additional E-Bike boat fee)
  • $170 / child (under 15) on regular bike
  • $250 / child (under 15) on childs E-Bike (suitable for 130 to 150cm)
  • $265 / child (under 15) on adult E-Bike

Departure: Meet at shebikeshebikes Clyde at 9:00 am for bike fit and briefing. Bookings essential  – minimum of two adults or 1 adult and 2 children.

Riding down the chatto creek incline

Tunnels to Station Express

Need to get a longer ride under  your belt then try this on for size. We’ll transport you from our Clyde depot up to Auripo to experience the highlight of the Otago Central Rail Trail – the Poolburn Gorge. Then follow the Manuherikia River down to Alexandra before choosing the Rail Trail or River Track to take you back to Clyde. Feel like that’s too far? Then stop at the Chatto Creek Tavern and we’ll collect you from there. Bookings are essential and a minimum of two adults or one adult and two children applies.

Distance: 52 km

Duration: full day


  • $99 / adult on regular bike
  • $154 / adult on E-Bike
  • $65 / child (under 13yrs) on regular bike
  • $110 / child (under 13yrs) on E-Bike

Departure: From shebikeshebikes Clyde– 9:30 am (meeting time for bike fit is 9:00am) Bookings essential  – minimum of two adults or 1 adult and 2 children

VineCycle map

DeVineCycle – Clyde

Enjoy a day experiencing local wine and food while getting some exercise on this self guided tour around the Alexandra Basin wine growing region. Your E-Bike will provide you with assistance when you need it and make today’s cycling a breeze.

Visit two boutique Vineyards in the worlds southernmost wine growing districts with a heritage stretching back to 1864. Half of your journey will be spent cycling beside the mighty Clutha (Matau) river with fabulous photo opportunities and view the remains of some of the areas gold mining history. Then you’ll transition onto the famous Otago Central Rail Trail.

Distance: 23 km

Duration: Full day (3.5+ hrs)


  • $135 / person (minimum of two)

Departure: From shebikeshebikes Clyde at @9:30am

Bookings: You need to book this at least 48hrs in advance