When riding the Otago Central Rail Trail, it’s important to pack appropriately for a comfortable and safe journey. We’ll provide you with a gear list as part of our itinerary process that details what you need for the season that you’re riding. 

However in general terms you’ll need the following:

  • Enough layers to cope with the expected temperatures while you’re riding
  • A good waterproof shell layer
  • Padded bike shorts are recommended, even if you’re wearing them under something else. They provide a “seamless” interface between your skin and your saddle
  • Bike gloves. Not critical but can improve your overall comfort
  • Clothing for the evenings. You’re not riding your bike the whole time so it’s nice to change into something else for dinner. You don’t need anything flash as it’s all relatively casual round here. 
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • A water bottle (or two in the summer)
  • Cell phone and cell phone charger. Mainly for the camera aspect that your phone provides
  • The general toiletries’ you’d pack on any trip
  • A first aid kit for your group is advisable along with some pain relief. Injuries are rare on the trail but accidents just happen.
  • Snack food for the day