Lake Dunstan Trail Enquiry
If you are wanting to ride in the next 72 hrs please call the business line on 03447 3271 (between
8:30am to 5:00pm) so we can advise immediately on availability.

If the line is busy, leave a message with the following information so
that we have everything needed to be able to answer your query

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Service Options

Most people cycling the Lake Dunstan Trail ride it in the Cromwell to Clyde direction as the trail "falls" in that direction and works best with typical wind conditions in Central Otago (if it is windy).

We offer a number of options to assist you in riding the trail depending on the direction you choose. 

  1. MOST POPULAR - Meet at our Clyde depot for a 9:30 am departure (or 10am in winter). We transport you and your hire or BYO bike up to Cromwell and you cycle back to your car or accommodation in Clyde. This option removes time pressure to meet end-of-day transport and you can cycle at a pace to suit you.
  2. We bring hire bikes up to Cromwell for you (there is an additional fee) and set you up there around 10:20 am once we've finished setting off the customers we've transported up. You ride through to Clyde with the option to return to Cromwell on our 4:15pm shuttle.
  3. We transport you and your BYO bikes at approximately 10:40am from Cromwell back to Clyde and you ride back up to Cromwell to your car or accommodation. 
  4. You ride your BYO bikes from Cromwell to Clyde and we transport you back to Cromwell on our 4:15pm shuttle. 
What service do you need?

Due to the high demand currently, if you are hiring bikes we need your heights at the time that you are making your enquiry

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