For Motorhomes and Campervans

We reckon we’ve had a fair bit of experience now providing solutions for customers with motor homes who want to experience part or all of the Otago Central Rail trail and we’re keen to assist you are coming in your motorhome.

Accommodation (or not as the case may be)

We guess the last thing you want to hear when you’re looking at doing the whole Rail Trail is that you need to park your beauty up in Clyde and then pay for accommodation along the way before you get transported back to her in four or so days time. Of course, you might be craving a bit of variety by the time you reach Central Otago and want to stay indoors, however that’s not what we’ve seen.

We can help you put together a little “catch-up” package where you cycle off in the morning and then in the mid to later afternoon, while one of you explores the township you’ve cycled to, the other heads off in a shuttle back to your Motorhome and then you drive back. Since you’re generally only cycling about 30km / day, this little catch-up exercise doesn’t take too long at all.

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Experience has shown that a reasonable number of Motorhomers bring their own bikes and we’re happy to provide a recommendation on suitability of your bike (most bikes are suitable but we’ll high-light the considerations you should be aware of). If you don’t have bikes then we’d be happy to assist with hiring bikes to you.

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