Free Itinerary Planning

Our free itinerary planning service is all about helping you get the most out of your cycling adventure. The aim is to save you time, stress and money so that you have a really smooth experience on the trail.

We help by:

  • Answering the various questions you might have.
  • Applying our knowledge and experience and advising about anything that we feel you need to consider and / or incorporate into your plans.
  • Detailing the various accommodation, transport and activity options that will work for you. As we don’t do “cookie cutter” itineraries you’ll find that you have choice.
  • Arranging accommodation, transport and activities you’ve chosen, so that it all fits into the time frame available. When it comes to payments, you’ll only need to make 20% deposit payment to us and then a final payment before your trip commences, rather than handling deposits and final payments for every provider you’ve contracted.
  • Providing information about what gear to bring, where you can get food and water, as well as advising on any closures.
  • Producing a detailed itinerary with fully itemised costings so you know what you’re paying for. The itinerary also includes extensive trip notes that means that know what the day ahead will bring and where you can access the essentials like a toilet or water.
  • Being there once you’re on the trail should something unexpected happen. With depots in Clyde, Omakau and Middlemarch we have the best trail coverage on the Otago Central Rail Trail.

Find out what we can do for you by sending us an enquiry as we’re happy to provide you with an obligation free quote.

Bike Hire

Specialized Roll Low Entry Bike
Specialized Rockhopper 29r Bike
Weehoo IGO recumbent tag along

You’ll find shebikeshebikes have a great range of bikes available for you if you require bike hire. If you’ve got your own bikes, that’s no problem with us, we’re still more than happy to assist you with putting an itinerary together for you. Click on the READ MORE button to see our range of bikes.

Luggage Transport

Shebikeshebikes provides a luggage transportation service each day on the trails to shift bags to and from your accommodation. The bag weight is limited to 15 Kg / bag for the health and safety of our staff (unfortunately it’s not like an airport with multiple handlers, conveyors and trolleys)!

Otago Central Rail Trail

Daily bag transport to your accommodation (15kg max weight) – $17 / bag

End to end bag transport and storage (23 kg max weight) between Clyde and Middlemarch – $17 / bag

We have a “family friendly” policy on the Otago Central Rail Trail whereby any gear such as a stroller or port-a-cot for a young child will be carried at no cost. Please let us know beforehand.

If you have additional medical equipment such as CPAP etc, then these are carried at no cost. You just need to let us know before hand.

Roxburgh Gorge and Clutha Gold

Daily bag transport to your accommodation (15kg max weight) – $20 / bag

End to end bag transport is currently unavailable on this trail, but we can store any additional gear for you in Clyde if you’re ultimately returning to there.

Passenger Transport

Shebikeshebikes fleet of passenger service vehicles provide a variety of scheduled transport options each day on the trail and we can also book you onto the various public and private transport options to and from the trail.

Shebikeshebikes Transport

Middlemarch to Clyde

Departs daily during the season at 1:30pm

Arrives Clyde at 4pm approximately

$65 / person
$15 / shebikeshebikes rental bike
$25 / personal bike

Middlemarch to Dunedin (or return)

Dunedin to Middlemarch – 8:30am
Middlemarch to Dunedin – 2pm
Dunedin to Middlemarch – @400pm

Arrives approximately 1 hour later

Minimum of 2 customers

From $39 per person (based on a group of $10)

Clyde to Queenstown (or return)

Queenstown to Clyde – 8:00am
Clyde to Queenstown – 11:30am
Queenstown to Clyde – 1:30pm
Clyde to Queenstown – 4:15pm
Queenstown to Clyde – 6:30pm

Arrives approximately 1hr 15 mins later.

Minimum of 2 customers

From $33 per person (based on 16 passengers)

Car Relocations

If you’re travelling with your own vehicle and would like it relocated to the end of the trail then we can provide this service for you. This can be very useful if you need to be off and away to your next destination as soon as you finish, and for groups of 4+ it’s very cost effective.

Shebikeshebikes Private transport

If you’ve like us to do something special for you within our own network then just ask and we’ll be able to provide an option for you.

Other Transport

Public Transport

Public transport is available daily between the trails and Queenstown and Dunedin. We’ll provide you with the various options that will work in with your itinerary. In some cases there may be a private transport option that’s better value or provides you with some needed flexibility and we’ll be able to provide you with those options.

Private Transport

If you and your group want to keep it “in the family” or need the flexibility and comfort that comes from a private transport option then we’ll be able to help arrange what you need with one of the private transport operators in the area.


Thanks to our extensive network of accommodation providers across the Otago Cycling Trails we can help source accommodation to suit your requirements and budget. As we’re all about being open and transparent, you’ll find that we provide you with choices when it comes to accommodation. We don’t do “cookie cutter” itineraries, so you can rest assured that thought has gone into considering which options might suit your group based on what you’ve told us.