If you’re considering an E-Bike for general use then you should go not further than Vektron because it really does cover all of the bases and more. Shebikeshebikes is proud to be the Central Otago Retailer for Tern bikes and the Vektron.

We could give you run down on all of the componentry, however lets look at the reasons why this is an EPIC bike.

Quality – E-Bikes aren’t cheap, but some are cheaper than others. If you’re going to invest then it’s important that you invest in a reputable brand that’s going to give you 1000’s of km of maintenance free riding. The Bosch system will do this. Similarly, terns patented joints and Andros stem are amazing. They turn retain the flexibility of a foldable while adding the stiffness back in.

Weather resistance– We live in New Zealand…. the land of the long white cloud, and it’s going to rain on you at some point. The Bosch system is totally fine with that. Add to this the super low mud guards that will stop spray before it gets to you.

Range – the Bosch battery that comes as standard is good for 100km in eco depending on rider and trail. There is also the option to upgrade at a later point to the 500Wh battery if necessary

Acceleration – all European E-Bikes are speed limited and we think it’s only a matter of time until this rolls out through NZ as well. The Vektrons that we are selling are the USA spec so they’ll power up to 32km/h. Simple physics tells us that inertia is a key consideration when it comes to getting off the mark, and when it comes to bicycles it’s rotational inertia that counts. The Vektrons wheels win this contest hands down thanks to its 20inch diameter.

Punctures – we’re a big believer in mid drive bikes because they make it easy when it comes time to change a flat (or even replace a worn tyre). It’s also the reason that we’re keen on a standard rear derailleur setup because it’s familiar to most people… or the friendly stranger that’s offered to lend you a hand. Another advantage is that you’re dealing with a light wheel, because it’s only 20inches and doesn’t have a hub motor and control cable.

Utility – the commuter revolution is only just beginning and the Vektron already has this nailed for features. It folds up so you can get it onto a train, it comes with a rack that can carry up to 25kg…. and it has its own bungees built in! If you want more storage then there are a great range of addons that have been very well thought out.

Maintenance – this is small bike with regular componentry that you can source anywhere. In regard to the folding links, these are also serviceable parts.

Weight – If you’re going to transport an Ebike bike you’re going to have to pick the thing up to put it on a rack or stash it in the boot. This may require extra expense to get an ebike rated bike rack or to even modify the car. A Vektron folds up so it can go inside the car, how simple is that.

It’s not just about the total weight, it’s also where the weight is distributed. You want to get it down low, near the middle of the bike. The Vektron does this. No pannier rack battery wagging the tail of this bike. For the smaller person, this bikes form factor is going to provide a lot more stability and confidence.

Motorhomes – If you’ve got a motorhome then this is the perfect solution. No need for expensive racks, concern about the security of your bikes on your bike rack, or your bikes just getting dirty while they collect muck thrown up off the road. Your foldable Vektron(s) will revolutionise your motorhome life.

Storage – We’ve all seen those adverts with exercise equipment that “folds down to fit under your bed”. The second thought we have is “that’s where it will probably live for ever after the first couple of weeks. The Vektron is certainly foldable, but we know you’re going to love it so much it’s not going to end up sitting in the corner gathering dust, but you will appreciate the fact that it’s not going to take up much space in the garage and you won’t have to lift it onto a hook. Don’t have a garage? You can take it inside your apartment and stash it out of the way in the wardrobe, it will even travel nicely in the lift and may even provide a conversation starter with that neighbour you’ve always want to talk to.

Safety – The lighting on the Vektron is better than anything you’ll find on the other commuter bike platforms and it’s already on the bike unlike others that are additional add-ons. Similarly the disc brakes and low centre of mass are a total advantage. The low stand over / step over height is ideal for those of us that are getting a bit older or have had a few replacement parts ourselves.

Security – How great to be able to change your life and commute to work, meet your friends for coffee etc…. until you lock your bike up outside and someone steals it. The Vektron solves this because it really can follow you inside. We think this aspect is very “overlooked” in the Ebike market.

Versatility / inclusion – The ability to accommodate different rider heights quickly and without tools mean that this bike can be a true family machine. There aren’t many Ebike options out there for the little people but this is one of them. It’s also a great option when a relative visits and you simply want to lend them a bike. Add to this those pesky kids that just keep growing…. the Vektron will grow with them.

Resale – at some point you’re going to want something new, so how great to have a bike that you know anyone would be able to ride. That has to expand the second hand market opportunity.

We believe that if you’re looking for a general path and trail E-bike then the Vektron is the first option you should be looking at because it covers all of the bases that other path and trail E-Bikes simply can’t. If you want an off-road performance ebike then we can sell you one of those too, but if it’s a workhorse you need then you simply can’t beat the Vektron.

You can read more about the Vektron here 

Better still, call into our Clyde depot and take a test ride on our demo bike!